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Related article: Adventures With Jody 1 Copyright � 2004 by Jerry Leckie You may download my writing for your own reading pleasure; however, you may not place my writing on a website or reproduce stories for distribution without my permission. WARNING: My short story fiction deals with very mature subjects and with explicit language, some of which is of a sexual nature. If viewing such material is illegal where you live or if viewing such material would be offensive to you, please click on the BACK button of your browser NOW to return to other areas of the Web. Gay love story. Celebrity. Adult. Explicit sex. Five chapters. A young man rescues a popular Eastern European porn star from a situation and is rewarded with danger, adventure, love and new-found self-respect as a gay man. NOTE 1: Jody, the "Eastern European" referred to in this story represents any one of those guys about whom you fantasize. As I developed the character of Jody, he swiftly captured my heart as I'm sure he will capture yours. Enjoy! NOTE 2: Several years ago I read a short piece of friction fiction here on Nifty that had an ordinary gay man encounter his favorite porn star in an improbable situation. Later, I took that set up and ran with it, involving the characters in all sorts of adventures, sexual and otherwise. The result is the story you are about to read. Well, why not, I thought. Alfred Hitchcock made a living, doing the same thing with the characters in his movies. I don't remember the title of the original story or the name of the author. Nevertheless, I thank him for giving me the idea for this piece. ADVENTURES WITH JODY Chapter One An Improbable Encounter As I was walking home from work last week, I saw a beautiful young man strolling down the sidewalk toward me. The closer he came, the more he looked like Jody Marek, the star of my favorite adult videos. My pulse rate increased a bit because I had had a soft spot in my heart for this guy for years. As we came even with each other on the sidewalk, I couldn't believe my eyes! It was him! I stuck out my hand and said, "Hi. It's really you! Jody Marek. Then I blurted, I think you're the sexiest guy in the world!" and I must have turned five shades of red. He laughed easily and took my hand. "Hello," he said with a heavy Czech accent. Then, his cute smile turned wry, "I do not feel very sexy right now." He fumbled for the words in English, "It is almost night; I do not have any American money; and I am lost. And, I do not know what to do." "Jody Marek, the sexiest guy on earth is lost?" I asked, incredulous. His face took on an unlovely flush. "Yes, a producer of male videos offered me much money to come to this country to perform in a film for him. He sent me an air ticket and I flew here. He drew the crumpled stub of the ticket out of his pocket and handed it to me with a forlorn look. However, he was not at the airport to meet me and his telephone number in this city was not answering; and, I do not know the address for him. I paid the last of my American money to ride the taxi to West Hollywood to find someone who knows him , but no one does in this place. Now, I am lost as to what to do." My heart surged for the guy. He was one of my heroes, one of my fantasies. I had to do something for him. Again, I blurted, "Then you must come to my house for the night as my guest. You can get a good night's rest, and we'll solve your problem in the morning." I thank you much. May I know the name of my benefactor? I took his hand again. Andy. Andy Hudson. He thanked me profusely as we walked through the twilight, talking. My wildest fantasy could not have conceived of becoming the savior of Jody Marek. Inside my apartment, I took off my coat and asked him to sit down. He seated himself on the couch and looked at me with his beautifully innocent eyes. I told Jody that I was going to take a shower and that he was welcome to watch TV until I returned. I hustled into the bedroom, quickly got undressed and stepped under the steaming spray of the shower. The hot needles of water drained some of the tension from my muscles. The thought of Jody Marek, a celebrity, sitting in my Lolita Pictures living roomand about to spend the night with mewas making me nervous. As I was washing my hair, some suds fell into my eyes and I stuck my face under the torrent of spray to get rid of the stinging soap. I opened my eyes again to behold Jody standing there beautiful and naked, wet and smiling shyly. My heart skipped a beat and my penis sprouted instant wood as I beheld his beauty. His body was completely smooth! He had almost no body hair except where it counts. He embraced me and murmured something in his native language and touched my chest. Then, he looked up at me and smiled, his beautiful blue eyes shining. "I must repay you for your kindness," with a shrug of his Lolita Pictures shoulders, he gripped his crotch, "but this is the only currency I now have." I think my heart stopped completely for a few seconds, for I couldn't breath and no sound would come out of my open mouth. What do you say or do when your favorite celebrity and sex fantasy offers himself to you? Just as suddenly as it arrived, my erection wilted, and I pushed his arms down to his sides. I had dreamed many times about making love to him, but not as an exchangefor payment of a debt. Disappointment washed over me, but I recovered quickly and said, "Let's just take a shower and we'll talk about payment later Jody." His lovely smile faded, but he complied and did not press further. I sighed and decided that if I could not make real love to him, I would fulfill one of my fantasies by washing him. Slowly and with much care, I soaped every inch of his smooth skin, feeling every muscle of his supple young body. He, in turn, washed me, making my fantasy complete. Incredibly, my erection did not return as he touched my body. After carefully drying each other, we went to the bedroom and climbed into bed. I lay on my back with one arm over my eyes, breathing hard. Jody turned on his side and put a tentative hand on my chest. Andy, are you offended that I offered myself to you? Perhaps it is that you are not gay. I chuckled softly. Oh yes Jody. I'm gay. I looked at him with a wry smile. I've dreamed about making love to you more times than I can count; but, not for the payment of a debt. I want to have sex with you as a lover, not as a hired stud. His soft brown eyes blinked as he processed my words into the Czech language. Then, he smiled. In my work, I have sex with many men. Men that I do not know, have never met before. I must behave as if I love them, have great passion for them. You must wonder how I can do this. He smiled sweetly, cradled my head between his hands and kissed me gently. "It is this. Always, when I am with a man, no matter where, on a movie set or in a bed, I look for love. If they do not respond, at least I always have love in MY heart. He raised his eyebrows and looked down at me speculatively. I think I would find much love in you. With a shaking voice I said, "Jody, if you want to repay me for my hospitality, please let me make the most passionate and most wonderful love to you that you've ever had." His liquid eyes shone in the dim light of the bedside lamp. He smiled and held out his arms to me, gathering my body to his. Locked in our embrace, I rolled on top of him. As I cradled his head between my hands, the tips of his fingers lightly caressed my back. Simultaneously, we began to move our hips slowly, almost imperceptibly. I lowered my face to his and kissed my fantasy hero. An hour later, sated and with my fantasy completely fulfilled, I willed my petrified muscles to move. We had done everything that I had ever dreamed of doing with him, and he had responded to me exactly as I had envisioned. When I felt the feather light touch of Jody's fingers massaging my temples, I shifted my gaze to the gentle features of his face. Our eyes met; he smiled tenderly and I began to tremble. My passion for this comely lad had peaked and I felt myself about to loose control. Tears began to form in my eyes. He kissed me gently. "As I said, I always look for love. And you have given me much this night. I thank you, not only for the bed to sleep, but for the love. I will have it always with me." I gathered him into my arms and kissed his forehead. Pressing his entire body to me, he shuddered with contentment. I felt our genitals nestle against each other and sighed with amazement that we were both still hard. As we drifted off to sleep, I wondered what would happen tomorrow. Would my fantasy continue, or would I simply put him on a plane for Prague? When I awoke the next morning, I was conscious of Jody still curled in my arms, looking like an angel, his form and face relaxed, his warm breath falling gently on my shoulder. I could have continued to watch him for hours, but it was Tuesday, a workday, and I had to earn the funds that keep me in my lifestyle. The sun was beginning to knife through the blinds of the bedroom window, which meant that I had less than an hour to march out the door to work. So, I clasped Jody to me and jump-started my gray matter to formulate a plan to solve his situation. In ten minutes, I had divined the answer. I kissed Jody awake and explained the plan while we washed each other in the shower. He listened intently as I discoursed. The deal with the guy who brought him to America was apparently off, but he was still in the United States on a work visa. So, if he wanted to stay in this country for a while, he could work and live with me, rent-free. I'm employed in the bar and restaurant supply industry and my company does business with some of the biggest gay clubs in Southern California. I offered to use my connections to secure interviews for him. No doubt, the club owners would recognize him and he could have his pick of jobs. Jody liked the idea and giggled like a teenager at the prospect of earning American money. He said he knew how to tend bar and wait tables and he looked forward to the prospect. After we dried each other, we checked Jody's wardrobe. He hadn't brought much in that tiny overnight bag. As luck would have it, he could wear my shirts, so--after much posing in front of my closet mirror--we decided on tight white shorts, white socks and sneakers, and a powder blue knit shirt. Well, what else would a young stud wear to an interview at a gay club? During our conversation, I discovered that Jody had a better command of the English language than I thought, which simplified things. Next, I spread all of my pocket money out on the table and explained the denominations to him. He seemed confident, so I took him to work with me and made several calls. Two of the contacts agreed to see him right away. I photocopied the West Hollywood street map and marked the routes. I gave him some money and kissed him for luck. He held tight to me and whispered thanks. I gave him a pat on the ass and sent him on his way. Just as I was leaving for lunch, Jody appeared in my office with a handsome dark-haired guy in tow. Both of the boys were beaming from ear to ear. Jody introduced me to Carl, an employee of the Interlude, the first club on my list. However, he wouldn't speak further unless it was over food. I recalled that neither Jody nor I had eaten in over twelve hours, so I took Lolita Pictures them to a nearby sidewalk eatery and ordered heavy. Rare roast beef, thick slices of fresh bread, mounds of potato salad and frosty steins of beer loosened their tongues. The Interlude's owner had recognized Jody instantly and suggested that he consider working as a performer in the private part of the club. I was somewhat familiar with the Interlude, a posh two-story affair in West Hollywood, not far from my apartment. An elegant restaurant occupied the ground floor, while a private nightclub occupied the second floor. I knew, first hand, the excellent reputation of the restaurant, but I only knew of the nightclub by hearsay. I have been told that the all-boy musical reviews there rival those of New York clubs. In addition, I knew the Interlude's sound financial reputation from business transactions. My interest grew as Jody and Carl rattled on. The club's current show, which concluded its run over the last weekend, consisted solely of female impersonators. For a change of pace, the owner wanted to put on a small musical review of exotic male dancers. Carl was a bartender, but he had been a dancer in New York before migrating to Los Angeles last year. So, as a part of the interview, he and Jody disco danced around the club floor, much to the delight of the owner. The guy suggested that the two of them round up one or two more dancers and work out a show. If they put something together within the next few days, they could make their debut next Friday night. I realized that the production was just going to be a musical strip show (visions of Chippendale's Men pranced before my eyes), but the pay sounded good, and these two guys could have a lot of fun with it. Therefore, I commented that the only missing component was more dancers. They smiled sweetly and looked pointedly at me. Jody explained that three dancers were sufficient for the intimate performance they planned for the club's small stage. Furthermore, he thought that I would be the perfect addition to the group. I turned the color of the rare roast beef as I stammered out every reason I could think of for declining a job as a stripper, even a musical one. I was just an ordinary gay guy, not a performer. Undaunted, Jody's big innocent eyes grew larger as he countered every excuse I made. He said I was young and attractive. True, I was only twenty-five and I have regular features. He said that I was "well-shaped." Okay, I work out at the gym three nights a week. He said that I have lots of stamina. I blushed. He smiled and said that I was sexy. Well, he should know. Sweet as he was to consider me for the act, I had to burst his bubble. I grinned and shook my head sadly, stating that I wasn't a dancer. Carl interjected that I didn't have to be, that I only needed to move my body in time with the music. He snickered, then concluded that the guys in the audience would be watching me shed my clothes, not my feet. Jody hit me with the coup de grace when he asked whether I wouldn't enjoy having many admiring men look at my body and lust after it. I caved in. In my heart of hearts, I had always wandered what it would feel like to perform as an exotic dancer or make an XXX-rated male video. Jody and Carl whooped for joy. As the last of the beer and food disappeared down their throats, Carl and Jody planned every move from that moment until "Opening Night." To begin, they would return to the club, select music and plan the show. After I got off work, I was to join them and actually block out the dance routines on stage. I spent most of the afternoon in a semi-catatonic state, drenched in recrimination. Why had I agreed to bare my butt beside Jody Marek, the walking wet dream? Carl was much better looking than I was too. I would appear before the critical eyes of hundreds of gay men who knew the true definition of "hunk." Oh shit, I would have to move out of West Hollywood before I was laughed out. When I gave my name at the front door of the Interlude later that afternoon, it was obvious that I was expected. Every employee in the place managed to give me the once-over as I made my way upstairs. The nightclub was dark except for work lights on stage. I saw no one. Then, the sound system rumbled to life with a disco beat and Jody pranced on to the stage with a burst of energy. His body bowed and twisted with a sensuous fluid motion that I hadn't expected. Several bars into the music, Carl bounded on stage. Both of them moved in time from one side of the platform to the other, then down stage to the footlights. Jody was at stage center and Carl at stage right. It was plain to see that I would be on the left. The little stage was a half-moon shaped affair about twenty feet wide and fifteen feet deep, jutting into the cavernous room from one end. It was easy to see that the stage would be crowded with the three of us giving such an energetic performance. Jody signaled with his hand when he saw me approaching and an unseen technician cut the music. He and Carl took me to the dressing room where we wolfed down sandwiches and soft drinks while I changed clothes. Carl eyed me critically as I donned my jock strap and shorts. Then, we moved back to the stage and rehearsed the dance moves for four solid hours. At eleven o'clock, Jody poured me into my bed and massaged some of the kinks out of my well-earned state of exhaustion. That night it was his turn to hold me while we slept. The next morning, Jody went directly to the club, while I went to work. Moreover, I actually got some work done. After rehearsing, I felt better Lolita Pictures about being able to dance before the public. Now, if I could overcome my fear of taking my clothes off before dozens of lust-filled gay men, I would survive this enterprise. The three of us met again at noon over steamed prawns and white wine. Carl had secured professional costumes for us, some of them being the breakaway kind used by professional strippers. Since this was Jody's American debut, we would wear red, white and blue. I was thoroughly confused about how the costumes worked, but the guys just laughed, telling me that it would become clear when I was actually stuffed into one. That night, we went through the dance routine once, and then tried on the costumes. The first layer of clothing was a G-string--a red one for Carl, a white one for Jody, and a blue one for me. The next layer was a bikini brief--one red, one white, and one blue--except that we rotated colors. I was now wearing a white bikini and a blue G-string. We all put on white breakaway shorts and topped the whole effect off with knit pullover shirts--in red, white, and blue. Finally, Carl provided leather-soled dance slippers, which he assured us, would be less exhausting in which to dance for forty minutes. At last, we went to the stage to block out the act with the costumes. The idea was to perform the dance steps we had rehearsed yesterday and integrate the strip routine. Carl and Jody had practiced all afternoon, so they went through the movements first for my benefit. At their signal, the music boomed out into the club. For the opening, they made a dramatic entrance, trading places frequently and making several forays to the footlights, where they made suggestive movements. Next, they returned to center stage and began slowly to wriggle out of the shirts. Bare-chested, they made another trip to the footlights to give the audience a good look at their pecs, delts and lats. They shuffled their way back to stage center and, with a flourish, whipped off the breakaway shorts. Now dressed only in shoes and briefs, they danced their way downstage backwards, butts wriggling in time to the music. At the footlights, they turned around and repeated the movements, displaying their ample baskets while trading places frequently. I suddenly realized that I would have my turn at center stage, several times! I swallowed my courage as I watched them turn their backs and spend several agonizing minutes wiggling, twitching and squirming out of the briefs. When the little bits of cloth were around their knees, they literally danced out of them without missing a step. As the music reached a crescendo, they turned in unison to display their dick-filled G-strings. Spotlights came up on them as the stage lights dimmed. With renewed energy, they danced their way down stage. At the footlights, they began a set of erotic movements that gave me an erection. Without a doubt, the audience would be drooling at this point. With delft movements, Carl and Jody highlighted every part of their bodies and symbolically offered each part to the audience. They spent most of the final minutes of the act at the footlights miming interaction with the audience. I could easily visualize horny men stuffing folding money into those G-strings. The music ended with a thunderclap of percussion and the spotlights winked out. I was stunned at the effect of the act. It was going to be fabulous. Jody would make enough in tips alone to fly home Saturday morning. The work lights came up as I ran on to the stage and hugged them both telling them how great they were. Jody spotted my hard-on and massaged it lewdly, then laughed and gave me a sincere kiss. Carl and Jody donned their costumes once more and we danced the routine together. After the second run through, both the sound and light technicians gave us thumbs up. I too felt like we had an act, quite a change in my attitude from yesterday. In addition, I was now confident that I could hold my own on stage with these two studs. We made a group hug and Carl bid us good night. Jody and I strolled home, hand in hand, talking. In broken English, he told me how happy he was that the sensuality that I had displayed in the bedroom had come out on stage. He confessed that he had almost burst out of his G-string when he saw me dancing at the footlights. He said it wasn't my erotic movements that caused his erection, but the emotion and--he searched for a word, then decided onsoul that was liberated from within me. He looked deep into my eyes and softly proclaimed that I was a very erotic sight. A little voice in my mind whispered that he was telling me something significant about me, the real me. I didn't know how else to respond to his words, so I slid my arms around his neck and kissed him. But, he was bang-on correct. He had verbalized what I had been feeling since rehearsal. At some point during the performance, I felt like I had burst from a cage. I felt like "Me" for the first time since I was a kid. Well, now that little kid was a full-grown sexual being, GAY and proud of it. I held Jody at arms length and let out a whoop of pure joy. Then we stood and smiled at each other for a long time, silently communicating, our souls resonating together. At last, we mutely turned and began walking again. My arm circled Jody's waist, and his arm was around my shoulders. I had never felt so at ease with myself and with the world. I knew that this was a turning point in my life, and I was grateful that Jody was there with his insight to understand what I was feeling. Later, in bed, we assumed the sixty-nine position and lovingly nursed each other, savoring the intimacy. We slowly built our passion and held ourselves on the precipice of ecstasy, each reluctant to topple over the edge. Finally, I could endure the intensity no longer and broke the spell. Hours later, I woke to find us in the same position. I turned around and curled myself Lolita Pictures around this wonderful guy. Then I slept a dreamless sleep. When I arrived for rehearsal Thursday night, Carl announced that it was time for a shave-down. He explained that male strippers shave their body hair for a reason. The mind is accustomed to seeing male muscle through a fine layer of hair. When the hair is removed, the minds eye enlarges the muscle to compensate for the missing hair. How metaphysical, I thought. I had no idea whether this tale was true or not, but I was along for the ride. I drew a basin of hot water while Jody spread towels on the couch. Carl fished clippers, a razor and a can of lather from a cupboard. Until now, I hadn't paid much attention to our body hair. Carl was Italian. His arms, chest, and legs were covered with fine dark fur. I had a light dusting of hair on my chest and stomach as well as on my arms and legs. Jody, on the other hand, only had blond highlights on his arms and legs. There were a couple of places where all three of us were endowed with hair, and they would have to be barbered too. First, we took turns running the clippers over our body parts. The most interesting parts turned out to be in our mid-sections, of course. We donned our G-strings and clipped any hair that showed around them. Carl and Jody also insisted that we clip every strand of hair on our butts, since we would be presenting that part of ourselves to the audience at close range. Next, we began the shaving process. It was slow and exacting, since we didn't want to go on stage full of nicks. Just as the job was becoming tedious, the owner appeared with our warm up act, Jake. He was a comedian, a cute young guy who wanted to interview us. He said he would work information about us into his material. The owner wanted an hour-long show. The comedian would do a twenty-minute warm up, and then we would finish out the hour with our act. So, we finished shaving while answering his questions and laughing at his jokes. I was grateful for the distraction as I shaved Jody's crotch. His balls and butt looked so delicious without hair! After the shave-down, we donned our costumes and gave a run-through for the owner and our warm up act. Both of them were impressed, and I'd swear our funny man had a hard-on when we finished. I was so into the routine that I threw a boner in my G-string. I wanted to ask Carl and Jody if they felt the same way, but I didn't want to appear to be a foolish newcomer to this business. Later, Jody drew me under Lolita Pictures the bed covers and proceeded to lick and kiss my shoulders and chest. With an impish grin, he murmured that he wanted to give me the ultimate shaving test. And Lolita Pictures he did. He licked and kissed every part of my body that he had shaved. On the way back up from my feet, he made a timely stop at my cock and took the load I had waiting for him. He didn't protest when I insisted on testing my shaving technique on him. I recalled how luscious his smooth shaved crotch looked and I lapped at it like a starving man. It was one of the most beautiful works of natural art I'd ever seen. I took my pleasure until he cried out and pulled my mouth to his erupting penis. Temporarily sated, we cuddled and whispered endearments to each other. With his lips close to my ear, Jody whispered that he had almost grown passionate watching me dance tonight. He said it made him happy, proud, and horny, and that he could hardly wait to get me into bed. By quitting time the next day, I was beginning to get butterflies in my stomach. "Opening Night" was here, before a real audience. I hoped that I hadn't been fooling myself about being able to pull this gig off. Some of my fear vanished when Jody and Carl greeted me at the club. They fairly glowed with mirth and enthusiasm. Both hugged and kissed me, and then they began Lolita Pictures to babble at once about our expected audience. Apparently, the owner had "leaked" information about the show to the gay community and it appeared from the incessant ringing of the telephone all day that the club would fairly sag from the weight of the crowd tonight. They hustled me into the dressing room to prepare. After we stripped, we began to apply liberal quantities of mineral oil to our bodies. As we massaged the light, fragrant oil into each other's skin, I Lolita Pictures forgot my fears and released my sexual being. I imbued my fingers with all of my sexuality as they gently dug into Jody's flawless skin and firm muscles. The oil made his skin look like velvet. As I rubbed the oil over his butt, I began to get an erection. He turned and I saw that he was becoming excited also. Carl turned as Jody stopped oiling him and we saw that he too was at half-mast. Just then, Jake, our opening act, entered, took one look and deemed us ready for the show. We laughed unselfconsciously and donned our costumes. As we stood back and looked at each other critically, Jake whistled in admiration and left to do his gig. My crotch began to uncoil at the sight of Jody and Carl. Yep, we were ready for the show. If we were turning each other on, I could imagine what we were going to do to the audience. We made a group hug and moved to the wings. Various stagehands and technicians gave us hugs and wished us well. We heard the audience roaring with laughter at Jake's act, then thunderous applause. The public address system came to life with our entry music and the announcer said, "Gentlemen, the Interlude presents Mr. Jody Marek and Friends." Jake came running off the stage and gave each of us a peck on the lips. We were on. To be continued. Chapter two, Break a Leg, and More, will be posted shortly. Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this story (or not), tell me about it at I Lolita Pictures appreciate constructive criticism, and I ignore flames. Please read more of my writing at There, you will find stories that you will enjoy in a variety of categories: adult, celebrity, college, high school, incest, and bisexual.
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